Our vision is to have a positive influence on the lives of more than 100.000 people by 2022.

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Our vision is to have a positive influence on the lives of more than 100.000 people by 2022.

Modern education helping you to achieve more in your life.

The VolumeX founders are world leaders in developing education systems, referred to as the no 1 professionals in this field by the hit magazine, as well as experts in cryptocurrencies by N-TV and known worldwide for their cryptographic capabilities in trading, distribution, extensive training concepts and their social media presence.

It is our duty, responsibility and vision to introduce you to the world of bitcoins and to inspire you for the potential of cryptocurrencies.

Muhamed, Andreas and Nicky urge their customers and their community to commit to their duty and responsibility to break the myths and limitations of the middle class and gain true freedom for themselves, their communities and their families. Their unconventional, modern, yet straightforward views on cryptocurrency, corporate structure and community development have made VolumeX a valuable resource for individuals who are striving for success and looking to professionally become a reality in this new, unique niche.

They work with both thousands of beginners and budding professionals to massively increase profits and results through our tools and education system. Furthermore they have been working with great leaders in the past and have been attending classes from great personalities such as Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone and Tai Lopez, among others, which helped us provide the best crypto market infrastructure for you.





As multi-million entrepreneurs, the 3 founders rely on good partnerships such as with YouTube icon and online entrepreneur Karl Ess and bring through constant innovation, adaptations and product renewals a maximum of expertise for the benefit of your Customers. We are operating in a fast-paced market and are therefore looking for people to whom it is possible to important is to recognize the ravages of time and maximize your potential with the help of of our software.

We have arrived at a position where we can choose with whom we work and with whom we do not. Every day we send hundreds of people to our sites though multiple marketing measures to introduce them to the world of modern commerce. We then choose our affiliate partners and are looking for people who are ready to invest and to constantly educate themselves. If you share this philosophy, you can sign up for it and we would love to have you on board.



We are there for each other. This cohesion makes us winners.


We know our roots, we are grateful for that. That determines our actions.


We are clear and focused - that's how we achieve our goals.


Our motivation is independence. Our drive is your safety


Because of our success guarantee, we can assure great education. That's how we grow!